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So for anyone who knows me, or who follows me on Instagram, I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses lately (and oversharing about it).

Frocktober is organised by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and empowers women of all backgrounds and lifestyles to unite together to support a common cause that affects us all- Ovarian Cancer.

This month, I’ve been participating in Frocktober with a friend of mine, and we’re aiming to raise $500 for ovarian cancer research. This is a very important cause, with one woman dying from ovarian cancer every 10 minutes.

Collage of Frocktober Images

While the past (almost) month, has been a massive eye-opener into the fact that I apparently own way too many dresses, hopefully we can also raise more money to help support ovarian cancer research. Because with 1 in 80 women being diagnosed with it, chances are it will touch all of our lives.

Please help us and donate at